1. Availability
    The accommodation is sold subject to availability at the time of booking, according to the property, category or class requested.
  2. Payment
    No accommodation will be deemed to be booked or confirmed until the required deposit or balance has been received and acknowledged by Turners Destination Management Company. Payment may be made by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.
    2.1 Direct Deposits –¬†Customers who make a direct deposit into Turners Destination Management Company’s bank account must fax a copy of the deposit slip to Turners Destination Management Company stating for whom and for what products such funds are being paid. All direct deposits must be made free of charges to Turners Destination Management Company.
  3. Rates
    Accommodation rates are specified under Accommodation Page detailing all the types of rooms and rates applicable for this conference. Prices are subject to adjustment in the event of changes in Value Added Tax or due to increases in tariffs that may be implemented by the suppliers.
  4. Deposits
    Customers wishing to make a hotel reservation will be required to pay a deposit within 14 days of transacting the booking. This deposit will be equal to the cost of one night’s accommodation at the selected property or hotel. Any bookings made less than 45 days prior to arrival date must be paid immediately.If the deposit is not received within the specified time, the reservation will automatically be released. Customers must then reapply for the accommodation which will be subject to availability.
  5. Final Payment
    Individual reservations will be required to settle the balance of the accommodation at the hotel either on arrival or departure.There is a separate payment policy for group bookings. This will be outlined in a contract.
    5.1 Accounts / Bill-backs РTurners Destination Management Company will not accept any accounts or bill-backs from any accommodation establishment for any accommodation, telephones, meals, refreshments or any other services whatsoever unless specifically authorized by Turners Destination Management Company in writing to the manager of such establishment. Customers are to settle all bills for outstanding services directly with the accommodation establishment prior to departure.
  6. Amendments to Reservations
    An amendment fee of R50.00 will be charged for amendments to accommodation. Any amendments made to reservations after the customer’s arrival in Durban must be transacted directly by the customer with the hotel.
  7. Documentation
    Confirmation vouchers will be sent to all customers who have paid their accommodation deposit. No vouchers will be sent where payments are outstanding. The accommodation voucher will specify all services booked and their payment terms. Any services that are not specified on the accommodation voucher will be for the customer’s account as will any services included on the voucher and not specified as prepaid.
  8. Cancellations
    Cancellations received in writing no less than 60 days prior to arrival at the hotel will be fully refunded less ZAR100.00 administration fee. Thereafter all cancellations will be subject to 100% cancellation penalties.A separate policy applies to group reservations and this will be outlined in a contract.
  9. Refunds
    9.1 No refunds will possible for cancellations received less than 30 days from commencement of the reserved accommodation services.
    9.2 No refunds will be given for any unused portion of the accommodation after check-in at the hotel or property. These refunds must be negotiated directly with the accommodation establishment concerned.
  10. Persons in a Room / Sharing
    Customers are required to advise Turners Destination Management Company of the names and number of persons who will be occupying the same room. Turners Destination Management Company will not take it upon itself to allocate persons to specific rooms for the purpose of sharing with other persons. If a written schedule of names of persons who are required to share a room with one another is not supplied to Turners Destination Management Company by the account holder, then all persons will be allocated to and charged for rooms at sole occupancy rates.
  11. Standards and Quality
    Standards and expectations of quality of accommodation vary from country to country and from person to person. Some properties may be situated in non-prime locations that are nevertheless convenient to attractions and venues. Whilst ensuring that the accommodation adheres to the provision of facilities advertised, Turners Destination Management Company does not accept responsibility for the quality of the accommodation not meeting the customers expectations and relocation and cancellation costs will be for the customer’s account.
  12. Late Arrivals
    Arrivals at accommodation establishments after 18h00 usually constitute a late arrival. It is the responsibility of the customer to advise the property of late arrival. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the reservation.
  13. Responsibility
    The Suppliers of hotel accommodations are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Turners Destination Management Company. By utilizing their services, facilities or products the customer agrees that neither Turners Destination Management Company nor any affiliated companies or representatives shall be liable for any accidents, loss, injury or damage to the customer or the customer’s property in connection with accommodations, or other services or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions beyond its control including the breakdown of equipment, strikes, theft, delay or cancellation of or changes in the itinerary or schedules.